Essay About a Couple Creation Myths

Mythology is full of many interesting stories. Some of the oldest and most fascinating tales involve creation. So many stories seem to parallel each other and have common themes. Many stories begin with nothing but water and several mention a special egg. Some of the oldest stories come from mythology and here are a few that you may enjoy.

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So, you may wonder what a myth is. Some will say that it is fiction or maybe a half-truth. A half-truth means that there may be some facts in the story, but there is no proof of some things that are stated. Most people believe that myths and the many stories surrounding them are something that is passed down from many generations. This is true with the story of creation. It may be very hard to trace its original roots.

Cherokee Story on Creation

There is more than one creation story in Cherokee legend. One story begins with nothing but a vast ocean. An island is suspended from the sky with a rope in each corner. Although there were no people there were animals. Everything was covered with darkness. The animals got together and captured the sun and they took it across the island each day from east to west. The Great Spirit instructed the animals and plants not to sleep for seven days but most could not stay awake that long. Plants that did not sleep were rewarded with everlasting greenness, like the evergreen trees. Animals that did not sleep were given the ability to hunt in the darkness like the lion and the owl. Then mankind suddenly appeared on the earth.

Hindu Creation Story

This story begins with the god Brahma. Brahma creates the oceans by thinking about them. He places his seed within the waters and it grows to be a golden egg. Brahma is reborn from within this egg, and after a year's time he divides the egg into two halves. These halves become heaven and earth. This story is slightly different in China, but it also involves a special egg. This egg breaks into two and a giant is born from it. The giant's limbs eventually become the planet and all of creation.

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